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Our purpose is simple: produce fantastic wines that reflect our values and way of life, which mainly involves enjoying the Craic (that’s Irish for “Good Times”) surrounded by friends and family.

At Forthright, the wine we produce in Napa Valley reflects our values and way of life. Sourcing fruit from the best local growers, we craft premier-quality wines in limited quantities. Honesty guides us, as does simplicity, joy and an unwavering commitment to hand crafted elegance. It is our belief that Forthright varietals and blends are among the best wines you will find in California.

Our signature Merlot, along with our Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon offerings, are joined by other styles only in years when the fruit, and resulting wines, meet our high standards. We refuse to release a wine that is not an exquisite expression of its particular style or variety.

The craft of boutique winemaking is our life’s work. We invite you to join the Forthright Fellowship, or visit Napa Valley and taste our portfolio of wines with our winemakers.

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